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Nuova Saimpa srl has been operating in the moulding of plastic materials sector on behalf of third parties since 1956.

Knobs, handles and accessories for domestic appliances are only part of the company’s range of production.

Nuova Saimpa srl also produces rings, control panel heads, handle shanks, handles, etc.

Production of more than 30 million pieces/year, with more than 1000 moulds.

Nuova Saimpa respects the environment: a brand new 80kw photovoltaic system has recently been installed.


The company


Nuova Saimpa considers Quality to be a key element in its business strategy. Quality, in fact, implies constantly questioning the approach and management of the Company, anticipating market trends and Customer expectations, leading to improvements in our products.

Nuova Saimpa has obtained ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 environmental certification.

Leading Italian and foreign companies in the domestic appliances sector have chosen Nuova Saimpa for the quality of manufacturing and assistance.

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Thanks to the quality of its products, Nuova Saimpa Srl has leading Italian companies in the production of domestic appliances among its customers, for the supply of:

knobs for domestic appliances, plastic moulding, handles for domestic appliances, accessories for domestic appliances, screen printing on knobs, screen printing on small accessories, pad printing on knobs, pad printing on handles, pad printing on small accessories, plastic moulding, injection moulding, thermosetting substances and resins, the development of moulds to design and zamak moulding. Contact us

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